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Dye Dyeing to Knit

Dye Dyeing to Knit by Elaine Eskesen takes the mystery out of dyeing yarn.

Elaine covers color theory and how to use it to dye yarns that work well together. She also has step-by-step instructions on several methods of creating hand-dyed yarns including space-dyeing and hand-painting.

The book focuses on acid dyeing methods that require heat and natural fibers. There is information on how to set up a dye studio, the equipment needed, preparing the yarn, and mixing the dye.

Finally, the book has a section of knitted projects using hand-dyed yarn. There are sections of patterns for solid color yarns, spaced-dyed yarns, and textured yarns.

With so many gorgeous pictures of the hand-dyed yarns in lucious colors and textures, you'll want to get started creating your own hand-dyed yarns.