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100% Wool
50 grams balls, 100 yards
Recommended needle size is US #7 which gives 18 stitches for 4 inches

This yarns comes in some great color combinations. The color I got, number 13, has purple and some bluesy green. The swatch I did only shoes the purple, but the colors are rich and bright.

I think this yarn will be great for felted purses. Iím going to use the ball I got to make a small felted zipper bag. I have another one I did in a Noro wool yarn and I think this one will be just as lovely. I plan on making these zippered bags for gifts for birthdays and Xmas this year. A woman at my LYS had made one and I saw it at a knitting brunch the store hosts once a month.

The directions to knit it are super easy to. Just cast on about 60 stitches on #10 needles, knitting in the round until you almost run out of yarn. Then use a 3-needle bind off to close one end. Felt in hot, soapy water until it is about 9 or 10 inches wide. Let dry. Then sew in a 9 inch zipper. WahLa!

I use mine to hold all my knitting notions. I knitted it with some novelty eyelash yarn, which doesnít felt to give it a little umph!

Paint Box Yarn
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