Knitters Gone Wild

Knitters Gone Wild

Now you can take all those half-finished Christmas projects you meant to give as gifts and go crazy with them on the streets of your hometown. A couple of naughty knitters are doing just that in Houston, TX, with their knitting as graffiti. So far they’ve created antenna cozy’s and tree warmers, leaving them in the middle of night.

The Houston Press reported last week that the graffiti artists that go by AKrylik and PolyCotN have be warming up the town with colorful half finished objects. For a link to the article and pictures of the graffiti check the show notes. Better watch out, you never know what could be next, an afghan hung up on the side of the wall of a school or a billboard covered with an assortment of unfinished scarves! Winter 2005

The latest issue of Knitty, the online knitting magazine is now available at

The winter 2005 issue has some great patterns in it including cute little pocket creatures by Kate Kuckro.

I just love the Tubey pattern, a great sweater made out of two tubes by Cassie Rovitti.

And Brenda Dayne who does the Cast-On podcast has a pattern for beaded gauntlets called Mrs. Beeton wristwarmers. I definitely want to make a pair of theses!