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Vogue Knitting’s Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2006 – finally a Vogue Knitting magazine that’s perfect for a knitter like me. Simple looking styles that aren’t too trendy or hip.

Knitting March 2006 – a publication from the UK that I picked up at the bookstore. This a great magazine! I just love Knitting Workshop section. In this issue there is a workshop it walks your through designing and knitting fingerless gloves. Another workshop is on creating picture knits and shows how to read a chart and joining yarn for picture knits. There are also sections on patterns for Baby & Child, Contemporary patterns, and Classic Patterns. The contemporary section has a several patterns including a hooded jacket by Jean Moss and a Moebius scarf by Heather Cawte. The classic section a vest by Sasha Kagan that includes bobbles and intarsia. And an article in the colour inspiration series by Joelen Treace that shows how to use culturally inspired color combinations when choosing colors for your knitting. At $7.99 in the US it is a pricey magazine but well worth it for the step by step workshops and contemporary and classic patterns. If you are in the UK the price is 3.45 pounds, the April issue came out on March 9th. I’ll be looking for it in my bookstore soon

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